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Grand celebration of the 10th anniversary for the establishment of JMP
May 8, 2008 afternoon, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of JMP and the third anniversary of "the light of epigraphy" theatrical performance was solemnly held at Jincheng theaters. Xiao JinFang, Governor of the county, Zhang HouLong, CPPCC chairman of the country, Ma FaRong, county committee member of the Standing Committee and deputy governor of the county, Wang DianHong, committee researcher and the county party secretary of CPPCC, Qin YongHua and XU YiMin, deputy director of the county People''s Congress Standing Committee, Wan ShouRong, County Director of Development Zone  have attended the ceremony. The main person responsible for the county party Committee Office, the Government Office, Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology Bureau, the Internal Revenue Service, Trade and Industry Bureau, and other relevant departments also attended the celebration. President Yin Shunshi, other board members of JMP, business leaders and members of the Group, and all employees in JMP took part in the celebrations. The celebration at the scene was in warm atmosphere, one climax after another, and also is very colorful.
At the beginning of celebrations, President Yin Shun Jinshi, recalled the history of decades of development of JMP. Subsequently, four members of enterprise representatives of the Group exchanges their views to speak at the celebrations. County Economic and Trade Commission, County Technology Bureau, Trade and Industry, the three county departments on behalf of all county services departments and units speak at the celebrations. At the meeting, Xiao JinFang, head of the representative of the county party committee, county people''s congresses, county government, county CPPCC, and the Jinhu 370,000 people, expressed his warm congratulations to the founding of the Group and cordial regards to more than 1,300 employees in JMP. Then he gave a warm speech, which consist of a higher demand and ardent hopes to JMP.
After the meeting, the staff of the group and guests watched brilliant artistic programs to celebrate the 10-year-old birthday of JMP.
A warm evening began in celebration of "together" in the large-scale songs and dances. Jinshi dance team Choreograph and performance the Allegro Dance, "I see Jinshi”, Scenario show, “Happily see the taking off of JMP ", poetry readings, "I am proud, I am Jinshi man and woman”, dance "flower in spring and fruits in autumn" and other events. The celebration is ended in a warmly applaud from the audience. The county leaders, the leadership of the group came to power on the successful performance with the performers and took a photograph.
The 10th celebrations anniversary of the establishment JMP is simple but warm, demonstrating a good corporate image of the group.
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