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Technical innovation in JMP shall be in high rank compared with other companies in the same profession in China .JMP owns the sole oil/gas wellhead equipment technical and research center in Jiangsu province and the most advanced gas-seal test experiment facilities that can be regarded as quality monitor center in Huadong station ,which monitor and test national petroleum industry equipments.
JMP sticks to new product developing stratagem as Product One, Develop One, Explore one and Reserve One. Thus we develop more than 50 new products in turn, among which 3 as national new products, 20 as provincial and ministry excellent technical fruits, 5 as substitute technical importing products, 4 fill up for domestic technical blanks, 15 be awarded to national patent and JMP undertook and completed more than 20 national or provincial scientific key problems plans, star plan and torch plan.

Research personnel

JMP holds the only oil/gas wellhead equipment research and development center in Jiangsu province. Now the number of design and research personnel working in full time is 25, 8 high-rank engineers, 17 engineers, 2 post-graduate students and 16 undergraduate students included. The member of technical and engineering committee in JMP consist of 2 professional engineers,2 high-rank engineers,4 professors ,2 doctor tutors ,and 8 oil-field experts.
Four platforms are built in JMP include equipment capability test platform, material capability test platform, product design test platform and personnel training platform.  

Develop measures

JMP implement technical innovation and develop policy vigorously as Property Right for Key Technology and Key products Self-owned to upgrade the core strength of the enterprise. A couple of technical leaders in such profession and researchers composed of young, high-intellect and person with rich experience lead to great strength improvement in mechanical equipment research for JMP.
The technical center is equipped with advanced facilities and soft wares, and forms the LAN systems of first class. Assistant design software such as two-dimension CAD, three-dimension SolidEdge or CAPP assistant technical design software, COSMOS, huge structure-analysis software ,which make the computing, analysis, research and develop all computerized.

Research corporation
Broad Corporation is kept with Jiangsu industrial college, South-east University, Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautic university, Hefei Currency Mechanism Research Center.
Computing testing measure
JMP holds complete high advanced testing measures such as non-damage defect detection equipment, universal tensile testing machine, metallurgical microscope, HV carbon&sulphur tester, optical spectrum tester.
According to ISO 9001 standard, API standard, and laws or regulations govern such profession, we can ensure the petroleum technical systems in JMP can keep up pace with international standard.
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