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JMP smoothly pass through the project acceptance
On June 6, 2008, the Office of Science and Technology in Jiangsu Province convened and chaired the acceptance meeting about science and technology infrastructure construction plan "Oil and gas wellhead equipment in Jiangsu Province Engineering Research Center" (#: BM2004007). Acceptance Committee heard a commitment to the project''s summary report of units, inspected the scene, a review of the relevant material and experience to the serious discussion, the formation of acceptance as follows:
The complete acceptance data can meet the requirements of acceptance
JMP has already been awarded six new technologies in Petroleum machinery, six new structures of products, and four new materials, 13 new R & D products .JMP put them into scale production and got remarkable results. At the same time JMP bears 5 state’s key new products, Torch projects, Spark projects, and 1 Jiangsu Province special fund for major achievements into the project, two technology research projects. JMP was in a third place in scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province, 11 authorizations for utility model patents, 2 applications for invention patents. All of the above have achieved good economic and social benefits. 
The Conversion of scientific research centre floor is 1, 500 square meters, 800 square meters of new laboratory, the new purchase 23 sets of equipment, are all operated in good condition. Test room building in the center can meet the test requirements for oil and gas wellhead equipment .The smooth progress of research and development platform also project the contract.
Centre focus on research and development production cooperation and personnel training. During the development of petroleum machinery, 6 high-level forums and high-level personnel training are held, 200 people receive such trainings ,and this provide a good platform for research and development internship of high-level personnel.
With the establishment of an independent legal corporate of companies operation, JMP is in strict accordance with the modern enterprise systems management, the project construction is well-functioning.
The budget for the Centre construction contract is 10.6 million RMB Yuan, and the actual financing of 11.7047 million RMB Yuan has been fully funded, the project funds is earmarked for the phased investment, with funds management practices, and reasonable and clarity use of the accounts.
The Acceptance Committee agreed that the project completed all the tasks stipulated in the contract, so they agreed to the acceptance. Experts attending the meeting gave high marks of the company''s management and affirmative response for the work on engineering centers.
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